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Brick of Mormon Stories Cover

The purpose of Brick of Mormon Stories is to help children "liken all scriptures unto [them], that it might be for [their] profit and learning." (See 1 Nephi 19:23)


Stories are told using the actual verses from the Book of Mormon so children can become better acquainted with the language of the scriptures and the text written by God's prophets.

Brick of Mormon Stories

Scripture references are provided throughout to help readers follow along with family scripture study. For younger readers, a short summary is also provided next to each illustration.

Brick of Mormon Stories contains twenty-six (26) LEGO-illustrated stories from the Book of Mormon, including the following:

Nephi & brothers seek to buy the brass plates from Laban

Laban & The Brass Plates

King Benjamin' sermon

King Benjamin's Sermon

Ammonites bury their weapons of war

Burying Weapons of War

Title of Liberty

Title of Liberty

Ammon Protects the Sheep

Ammon Protecting Sheep

Alma baptizes at the Waters of Mormon

Alma at Waters of Mormon

Brother of Jared prays for barge lights
Alma and the Sons of Mosiah seek to destroy the Church

Alma & Sons of Mosiah

Liberty Jail

Helaman and the Stripling Warriors

Stripling Warriors

Moroni & Brass Plates

Moroni Buries the Plates

Brother of Jared

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